Job Satisfaction & Warranty

RMS Batteries & Roadside Assistance JOB SATISFACTION & WARRANTY

RMS Batteries & Roadside Assistance ensures clients’ satisfaction and trust. Our Premium batteries have warranty up to long 4 years (Longer than leading high street motorist shops). General batteries are up to 2 years warranty. Our high performance batteries are genuine & long lasting.

If you find any fault during the warranty period, we will replace the battery. Just give us a call right away.

Our mobile RMS Battery & R S A van will come to your selected location and replace the new car battery under the warranty – It’s TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE

‘RMS Battery & Roadside Assistance’ is for your peace of mind auto-battery warranty. Call Us NOW.


  • Premium Range Btteries Upto 4 years (48 Months)
  • General Batteries Upto 2+ Years (24 Months)

We think our expertise is unmatched in Australia so we’d invite you to contact us and let us show you how we can help.

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